Dec 06, 2016

Immigration vs. Regular Travel Visas

An immigration lawyer represents foreigners who intend to remain or settle in the country. Immigration laws, which govern the policies of the state on immigration, need to be complied with to make foreigners as immigrants. However, due to the complicated nature of immigration laws, an immigration lawyer is needed to assist these immigrants.

The dream of any person to settle and live in the country rests on how good the immigration lawyer is representing him. It is the make or break in the process of immigration. Failure to get a good immigration lawyer may doom the dream to live in the country. Hence, best effort is necessary for looking for one.

It is not easy to specialize in the field of immigration. There are a lot of things that a lawyer needs to learn and do. These are:

1. Understand immigration laws2. Familiarize yourself with the forms of immigration rules3. Deal with various problems in immigration, such as change of status, obtaining permits for labor and work, the taking of tests by the foreigners, the issuance of visa and deportation of undesirable foreigners. 4. Deal with people of different nationality

Among the enumeration given above, perhaps, the hardest part of the job of an immigration lawyer is the need to address various types of nationalities, some do not even know how to speak English.

Because some foreigners are not aware of the existing laws on immigration and that some even do not know how to speak English, foreigners are always prone of being defrauded by the immigration lawyer.

Some lawyers practice ambulance chasing in dealing with immigration laws. This is done by agents who offer foreigners their legal assistance for a fee but with no intention of seriously representing his case. Worst, some lawyers are not knowledgeable or experts in immigration laws. When they practice, they perform poorly to the detriment of the foreigners' cause. And immigration lawyer may also be helpful to you.

There is a need to protect immigrants from these abuses. The government may review its policies on immigration to protect the interest of the foreigners without sacrificing the needs of the state. The courts should be vigilant for signs of malpractice of an immigration lawyer appearing before them. Lastly, the foreigners themselves must do their part in protecting their rights.

The foreigner should study and understand the immigration law of the country where they intend to migrate. Following the law does not mean reading it in the same way as an immigration lawyer does. An overview of the laws will be okay. There are references on the internet on this subject which can also be used by the foreigner. In fact, some online firms specializing in immigration offer free consultation online.

Apart from research, the foreigner must make the effort of looking for the best immigration lawyer. He must do an extensive research including looking for profiles on the internet and asking around for reputations. Finally, the foreigner must be prepared to pay a proper amount of professional fees.